Singing bowl magic


If you haven’t experienced the magic of a singing bowl before, you’re missing something incredible! This beautiful instrument is used by Tibetan monks to silence their thoughts while they meditate!

Singing bowls date back as early as 500BC, brought to India through Tibet. The frequencies created by these bowls have shown to centre your energy and create an easy path to meditation. They can also reduce stress and anxiety in just a few minutes!

Here’s a short clip for you to sample the sound:

If you like what you heard here, you will absolutely love it in reality! Just a few minutes of playing the singing bowl and you will find all the stress leaving your body and mind!

And no, you do not need to be certified to play this instrument, go ahead and try it out for yourself! You can buy one very similar to mine on Amazon right here! I have made sure to recommend a brand that i trust, and the best part is, it is returnable, so if for some reason you don’t like the sound, you can go ahead and return it! This is the only brand that seems to offer that!

So what are you waiting for?! Click here 🙂

If you do purchase the bowl, do let me know how you felt after playing, and if you have any questions!

love always

The sunshiny girl

Flowers in my basket!

Impatiens in a railing basket

As you guys will soon find out, i am obsessed with flowers, i thought this would be the best thing to start with!

I have always loved the European style of flowers hanging down the window-sill, ever so romantic! So i just had to re-create that romance in my modest balcony garden! A little hunting on amazon and i found exactly what i was looking for! This charming white planter!

They come as a set of two for Rs 1262, that might seem pricey, but i feel they’re absolutely worth it, i’ve had them out even during monsoon, the paint hasn’t peeled and there’s no rust in sight, also they look so pretty!!  I’m sure fellow garden enthusiasts will agree!

I planted these perennial Impatiens, three in each pot can grow safely! Try planting three different colors like i have for a little extra beauty!

You can find these Ivory Oval planters by Trustbasket right here .

Multicolor Impatiens
Multicolor Impatiens in a railing basket
Top view of my Multicolor Impatiens don’t they look stunning?!

You can find these Ivory Oval planters by Trustbasket right here .