Hi Y’all!

My name is Aditi Chengappa, and this blog has been waiting to happen for ages! Here i am finally getting down to it!

Some of you already know me from films, and Instagram or Facebook.

But for those of you don’t, here’s a little introduction!

When i was doing my honours in English Literature i had no idea that i would be acting in films right after I graduated! But that’s what happened…

I am a trained musician and singer, not a trained actor, but life is unpredictable and i just went with it! The film industry is a real rollercoaster, i learned lots of lessons, made some friends on the way, had my ego broken down and understood far deeply what i stood for.

That lead me to yoga! Yoga was always in my life, i met my guru, Himalayan Master- Bharat Thakur when i was only 10!
At this point my mom started teaching yoga, and i followed whenever i could! It always felt wonderful, and so it came to me naturally when i found myself truly stressed out with the world of films! I decided i wanted to switch careers to something that was healthier and more rewarding to my mind, body and soul.

I got certified as a yoga teacher and began teaching ever since, its been the most beautiful journey of falling in love with myself and life, and all the positivity you have enjoyed in my posts on various social media platforms stems from my yoga practice and my work with my Guru. I want to share as much as possible, all the little things that make a difference to my life and bring me happiness, which brings me to this blog!

There are SO many things that bring me great joy, in nature, in food, in fun stuff i pamper myself with, so I want to use this blog to share with you all the things i love, let’s talk about yoga, meditation, music, food, games, beauty, travel, and experiences! 

Welcome to my world, i hope it at least brings a smile to your face if nothing else!

lots of love, Aditi

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